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About us

The Nashe Kino company was founded in 2011 as a spinoff of distributor Nashe Kino (2009) (itself, a development of the 2003 Nashe Kino film distribution group). The company is a joint effort by the CTB Film Company (Sergey Selianov), PROFIT (Igor Tolstunov), and Krasnaya Strela (Valeriy Todorovsky, Vadim Goriyanov).

We specialize in promoting and distributing new Russian and international films. We represent projects produced by our founding companies, as well as third-party projects.

Nashe Kino is among Russia’s most well-known motion picture distributors. Since its inception in 2003, we have brought to the Russian market such films as:

"Driver for Vera", "Papa", "25 Degrees in Winter", "Alosha", "Graveyard Shift", "Dead Man's Bluff", "Mama ne goryuy-2", "Bimmer. Film two",

"Dobrynya and the Dragon", "It does not hurt", "Transit", "Sword Bearer", "Island", "Ilya and The Robber", "The Hard-Hearted", "Mongol", "Cargo

200", "Shultes", "Rockhead", "Morphia", "Pro Fedota-strelza, udalogo molodza", "Tsar", "The Weather Station", "Yakuza's daughter doesn't cry! ",

"Detyam do 16...", "Pro lyuboff",  "Winx Club 3D: Magic Adventure", "A Stoker", "Nosferatu. Uzhas nochi", "Last Station", "Ne skazhu", "How Not to

Rescue a Princess" / "Tri Bogatirya i Shamakhanskaya Tsaritsa", "Satisfaction", "Na kryuchke", "Limitless", "Samka", "Supermanager, ili Motyga

sudby", "Conan 3D", "Hunter", "Raider", "Zhila-bila odna baba", "Immortals", "Ivan Tsarevitch and the Grey Wolf", "Jock", "A Few Best Men".