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Yakuza`s Daughter Never Cries


 Yuriko is the ten-year-old granddaughter of Tatsio Yamada, a powerful yakuza. Yamada is feared by many, but he himself only fears for Yuriko. When Yamada experiences “temporary difficulties” in his line of work, fearing for his granddaughter’s safety he sends her to Rome. When the plane has to land in Russia due to technical problems, the bodyguards disappear and Yuriko finds herself alone in a foreign country.
Yuriko is strong and tries to find a way out of the situation. She meets ne’er-do-well Alexey. Alexey has never been to Japan and Yuriko doesn’t speak Russian. But now Alexey owes his life to the little girl. He swears to always stay by Yuriko’s side and help her in any situation or troubles.