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The Three Heroes and the Sea King

Adventure, Animation, Family, 2017 , 2D, 6+
Show start 1 January 2017

New adventures of the beloved three heroes Alyosha Popovich, Dobrynia Nikitich, and Ilya Muromets.

Troubled by their family lives, the three heroes decide to go on a quick trip to China to find the Dragon’s Tooth—a symbol of wisdom and strength. At the same time, the Prince of Kiev takes his trusty steed Julius on an adventure to rob the Sea King of his riches to fill the treasury and “fix the budget.” There’s a hitch, though. The Sea King had decided to get married, to which end he has submerged the city of Kiev under water. And what do we do now? What will help our heroes? The answer is, of course, friendship, valor, and love.

  • Produsser
  • Sergey Selyanov, Alexander Boyarsky
  • Director
  • Konstantin Feoktistov
  • Country
  • Russia
  • Production
  • CTB Film Company, Melnitsa Animation Studio
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